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Brad Brady - Founder and Instructor

I started my career way back in the 4th grade as a leaf in the school play at Cedarcrest Elementary in Baton Rouge, La.  I have never forgotten that play as it was truly the start of what would consume my life many years to come.  Since then I have moved on to better rolls in Theatre, TV and Film (to see more check out my resume), but that first performance was by far the most important to me.  It showed me just how important theatre is to a young mind.  In '97 a friend told me I was good with kids and should come to work for her at the YMCA as a youth counselor.  I took her up on the low paying offer and shortly there-after realized that I needed to find a way to bring my love for theatre and children together. 


Since then while actively pursuing a professional acting career I have had the pleasure of touring for one season with the children's theatre group Eckerd Theatre Company, teaching 8-10 year old playmaking classes for 3 summers at Ruth Eckerd Hall and also teaching at the Abba Dabba Summer Theatre program. 

After team teaching drama at Seminole High School during the Spring of '99 and '01 I interned at Clearwater High in Fall '01 where I directed Because Their Hearts Were Pure.  Upon graduation from USF I taught drama at the Pinellas County Jewish Day school and Academie DaVinci in Clearwater before starting at Renaissance Academy, in 2004.  Currently I am head of the theatre department at the Leadership Conservatory for the Arts at Tarpon Springs High School.


Laurie Philpot - Founder & Instructor

Raised in Florida, I grew up in Ft. Myers which is just south of Tampa.  After high school I became very active with the Drama Department at Hillsborough Community College in Brandon.  So active in fact that I became Secretary of the Drama club during my second year.  Even the busy schedule of school, work and being Secretary could not keep me from performing in a "Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolfe" and "A Brick and the Rose".  I also had the privilege of being assistant director for "Butterflies Are Free". 


After receiving my AA from HCC, I transferred to The University of South Florida where I began my Theatre Education track.  I Graduated from U.S.F. with a B.A. in Theatre Education and went on to teach at Orange Grove Middle Magnet School of the Arts for 7 years as a Drama teacher.  She co-owns a community theater Showcase Youth Community Theatre, which has been in business for 3 years. She has directed, co-directed and choreographed many musical plays and straight plays from High School Musical to The Lottery. She has judged many times for District 14 Thespians in pantomime, Duet Musicals, Monologues and Duet Acting.She has been married for 6 years and has a 19 month old daughter who has already been bitten with the performance bug and loves to talk on stage and into a microphone any chance she can get.

Anthony Markum - Dance Instructor

Anthony was raised in the  D.C. area and has been dancing since age 11.  In high school he was very active in the performing arts group The Jefferson Pop Singers. He has studied at the New Hopewell Studio for the arts, Renaissance Academy for the Arts, and Kellys Dance Academy.  Anthony is certified to teach various dnce programs including BodyJam and Zumba.  His performances since moving to Florida in 2006 include such shows as High School Musical, Sleeping Beauty the Ballet, The Nutcracker, and Centerstage.  This summer he plans to attend school for Dance Performance and High School Education. 

Sandy Goldman - 4 to 7 y/o Instructor

Much of my life was spent in Georgia where my love of performing first began.  Growing up I was a cheerleader, model, and pageant winner, Community Theatre performer, and lead singer in a local band.  If there was an opportunity to sing or be on stage I took it.  Thatís why I love Florida.  There are so many small theater groups everywhere.


My husband and I owned and operated a Pasco County childrenís gym for three years. Some performances at the gym for the 3 to 12 year old group included Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, Mickey Mouse Club, annual Holiday performances and summer workshops.


I am the also the founder of H.I.P. Performers, a homeschool performance group in Pasco County.  My passion for the theater and my love for children is why I so excited to have the opportunity to work with Showcase Youth Community Theatre.