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 When do you rehearse?

  • Unlike many other theatre's we work around the school times and county schedules. Though it may vary from play to play, most rehearsals are on Monday and Wednesday from 6:00pm to 7:30pm

Where do you rehearse?

  • Tarpon Springs High School located at 1411 Gulf Road in Tarpon Springs allows us to use their facilities for rehearsal and performance purposes.

My child is 7 or is advanced for their young age.  Can they participate?

  • Students must be able to read fluently and comprehend what is being read and spoken.  They must also have the maturity to function well in a group of older students.  If you think that your child can handle this then we invite them to audition, though we make no guarantees on acceptance.  The honest truth is that about 75% of those well under 8 don't make it through the audition process.  They are, of course, welcome back at a later date.

Do you charge for participating in the performance?

  • We do have a small production fee that covers costs for royalties, script rental/purchase, facility expenses, costumes and set materials.

Do you charge for costumes?

  • That cost is included in the production fee.